2014 - 2015 Events

The Tocqueville Project sponsers public lectures, debates, and panel discussions, as well as academic seminars aimed at advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty members. All events are open to the public and are free of charge. Free parking is available in the North Lot on Founders Road. Please see the campus map for the location of this lot and the Liberal Arts Building.

Public Events - 2014-2015

Wednesday, August 27

Money and Politics: Who Runs Washington DC?
Charles "Buddy" Roemer (52nd Governor of Louisiana)

6:00pm, Liberal Arts #236

Wednesday, November 5
Family Values in the Age of Autonomy
David Meyer (Dean, Tulane Law School)
6:00pm Liberal Arts #236

Other events for 2014 - 2015 to be announced in the coming months.

Seminars - 2013-2014

Seminar papers are available online at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. It is expected that all seminar attendees will have read and thought about the paper in advance of the meeting. 

Thursday, September 11
Fred Miller (University of Arizona)
5:00pm, Liberal Arts TBD

Thursday, September 25
James Stoner (Louisiana State University)
5:00pm, Liberal Arts TBD

Thursday, October 9
Giovanni Giorgini (University of Bologna / University of Chicago)
5:00pm, Liberal Arts TBD

Thursday, October 30
Douglas Rasmussen (St. John's University)
5:00pm, Liberal Arts TBD

Thursday, November 13
Stephen Palmquist (Hong Kong Baptist University)
5:00pm, Liberal Arts TBD


Past Events and Participants

2013 - 2014
"Liberty, Security, and the Limits of State Action," Melissa Harris-Perry (Tulane) and Salmon 

"The Welfare State,"Roger Pilon (Cato Institute) and Louis Michael Seidman (Georgetown Law)
"Religious Liberty & Public Education," Barbara Forrest (Southeastern LA), Stephen Harvey (Pepper
     Hamilton LLP), and William Jeynes (CSU Long Beach)

"The Morality of Capitalism," Bradley Hobbs (Flordia Gulf Coast) and James Payne (UNO)
"Federalism: The New Nationalism?" Heather Gerken (Yale Law School) and Hon. Stephen
 (US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit)

"Platonic Education and the Idols of the City," Shawn Welnak (Long Island University, Post)
"Why Rights to Self-Determination Cannot Justify Immigration Restrictions," Javier
"Institutional Corruption and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy," William English (Harvard University)
"Why Not Capitalism?" Jason Brennan (Georgetown University)
"Why We Should Legalize a Market in Political Votes," James S. Taylor (The College of New Jersey)
"Donor Conception and the Right to Genetic Parents' Love," Melissa Moschella (Catholic University)
"Improving Perfectionism," Gwen Bradford (Rice University)
"How to Publicly Justify Religious Exemptions," Kevin Vallier (Bowling Green)
"A Deontological Defense of Private Property," Bas van der Vossen (UNC Greensboro)

2012 - 2013
"Religious Liberty and the Human Good," Robert P. George (Princeton University)
"An Amazing Year at the Supreme Court," Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine School of Law)
"The Role of Incarceration in Tocqueville's America," Daniel D'Amico (Loyola University)

"Kant and Biblical Hermeneutics," Lawrence Pasternack (Oklahoma State University)

"Unified Wholes as Substances," Kathrin Koslicki (University of Colorado-Boulder)
"Adapting Plato's Cardinal Virtues for Democratic Leadership," Eric Weber (Mississippi)
"Morality, Self-Respect, and the Priority of Liberty," J.P. Messina (Georgia State University)
"Apology and the False Dream of Integration," Lionel McPherson (Tufts University)
"The Tyranny of Freedom," Barry Schwartz (Swarthmore College)
"When Justice Demands Inequality," John Thrasher (The University of Arizona)
"Civic Religion in a Free Society," Charles Griswold (Boston University)
"The Real Fiscal Cliff," Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital)
"Selfishness, Selflessness, and Lives Worth Living,
" Hon. Judge Jay C. Zainey (US District Court for
     the Eastern District of Louisiana)

2011 - 2012

"Slavery and the Rule of Law in Colonial Virginia," 
David B. Lyons (Boston University)

"Autonomy and God's Commands, " John E. Hare (Yale University)
"Rousseau, Positive Freedom, and Party Government," Joseph R. Reisert (Colby College)
"The Extinction Crisis and the Limits of Human Freedom," Elisabeth H. Ellis (Texas A&M)