Founded in fall 2011, the Alexis de Tocqueville Project in Law, Liberty, and Morality was established to examine enduring topics in the history of Western moral and political thought.

Among the issues the Tocqueville Project aims to examine are:
  • the values of democratic society and their justification 
  • the moral basis of civil liberties and private property
  • the role of religion in a free society
  • an individualís obligations to others and to the state
  • the relationship between democracy, freedom, and equality
  • the relationship between law, liberty, and morality
  • the role of the state in making individuals virtuous

In support of this mission, the Project implements a number of initiatives, including public lectures, panel discussions, and debates; scholarly colloquia and reading groups; a 6-week summer seminar in the history of political economy; and the Tocqueville Project Undergraduate Fellows Program, which provides opportunities for University of New Orleans undergraduates to interact with visiting scholars, work closely with faculty on research projects, and receive financial support to assist their scholarly development. 

The Tocqueville Project does not receive state funding. Our success depends on the support of foundations and private individuals who share its commitment in advancing the understanding and appreciation of the principles central to a free society and the enduring questions of Western moral and political thought. We are deeply grateful to all who stand with us.